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Simply Smart Technology

Managed IT Support for Business

Simply Smart Technology provides fully managed IT support services to performance-focused businesses.

By combining top-notch customer service with high-quality technical support, we have led our industry in customer satisfaction since 2010.

You Have Work To Do

Your clients depend on you, but when unexpected computer issues hit, they can keep you from getting the job done. How much time would you save if your technology was set up the right way from the beginning? Simply Smart Technology is a flat fee, all-you-can-eat service. We are incentivized to reduce IT problems and make everything “just work”. And for unavoidable problems, our first-class team of techs is there to efficiently solve the problem and get you back to work quickly.

Fully Managed IT Support

Simply Smart Technology is the IT support department for performance-focused businesses.

We are a full service IT team with broad and deep skills ranging from desktop support to server management to network administration to cybersecurity experts to CIO level consulting.

And our services are billed at one predictable, flat, monthly fee.

Technology Driven by Strategy

Simply Smart Technology understands that the job of technology is to support your business.

Everything we do as an IT services provider must support your business goals and strategy.

As part of our fully managed IT support services we do regular IT consulting meetings with our clients to make sure we understand your business, its changing goals, and are aligning technology strategy to support the business.

Beyond Help Desk

Our helpful team of college-educated professionals is ready and waiting at our help desk to fix computer problems.

Beyond fixing problems we manage every aspect of our client’s IT environment.

We track equipment inventory, technology lifecycles, repair broken computers, come out to your location, manage vendors, proactively monitor for issues, apply updates, supply strong antivirus.

And most importantly, we help people.

Cybersecurity Focused

Your data is the work product that fuels your business engine. Without your data, your company is stalled and going nowhere.

Cybersecurity means protecting your data from bad actors outside and inside your organization by keeping your company safe from data loss, malware, ransomware, and all other online risks.

As part of our fully managed IT support service, we implement a complete cybersecurity strategy. We set strong policies in partnership with our clients and internally to ensure everything we do from an IT support perspective is aligned with a holistic cybersecurity strategy.

Lower Organizational Risk

Hiring Simply Smart Technology reduces your organizational risk.

By hiring a fully managed IT support team with deep and broad skills personnel concerns like PTO, hiring, training, and turn-over don’t impact your ability to get computer help for your business.

Quotes from our Clients

Improved system reliability and efficiency

Simply Smart has greatly improved the reliability of our system and has made our entire organization more efficient. The onboarding process was quick and painless, and the ongoing support we receive from the Simply Smart team is always timely, friendly, and effective.

High profile Chicago non-profit
Client since 2013

Highly competent, responsive, well organized, and cost-competitive.

We have found Simply Smart to be highly competent technically, very responsive, well organized, and cost-competitive — a winning combination in my book.

Engineering and construction industry association
Client since 2011

Extremely knowledgeable, flexible and responsive to our needs.

Simply Smart Technology provides a wide range of services that truly meet our needs as a small non-profit. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and responds to our needs very quickly. I highly recommend their services.

Workforce reeducation non-profit
Client since 2012

Simply Smart Technology is now part of LeadingIT